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All About

Business Consulting

Your Success is our Business


We provide complete solutions for your business challenges.


Running a successful business can be challenging.

All About Business Consulting understands these Challenges.

We deliver solutions designed to make your staff more efficient and your business more successful. We provide implementation, training and support services for business management and other related products.

Our Services

Small Business Services

Creating your Legal Entity

Prepare a Business Plan

Preparing a Budget

Create a Marketing Plan & a Competition Analysis

Prepare Financial Stmts, Auditing Svc

Establish HR processes & Virtual Learning manuals

Review Technology & Insurance Needs


Consulting Services

Review daily processes

Prepare growth plans & debt analysis

Mgmt & Admin Services

Manage/Create Educational Curriculum

Provide Medical Coding Services


Government Services

Operational & Systems Support

Policy Development Support

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Grant Administration Services

Budget Review & Design

Review Compliance & Guidelines

working together
Our Services


We want to share our passion for business & technology by helping others. Whether it is a turnaround strategy, or if you simply want an experienced Executive to review your operations to see how they can be improved, we can help. Our approach is designed to make you successful.

Why us?


Business Consultants/Mentors can be instrumental to your success—that’s why, when it comes to client selection, we are choosy. We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. You should also be careful who you choose to help your business! We provide a very personal and thoughtful approach to working with you and your team to ensure you are more successful than before we met.

Professional Development

Discover Our Expertise

One on One Consulting Sessions

Business Growth Strategies

Develop a Partnership


"I think Katrina is a GENIUS." I TRUST her with my Business and its success. When I first met her I needed help with my son's financial aid form, which meant that I needed to file my income taxes. And i didnt know where to start. She came in and got the taxes caught up and filed my son's FAFSA (and has completed it every year for him). 

Keith Atkinson
Owner/Tint Works

Thomasville Georgia

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