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Other Business Services

Preparing a Business Plan

A Business Plan Details How your Business Will Run


Prepare a Business Plan

We will help you write a business plan. A business plan details how your business will run. While this step is not required to operate a sole proprietorship, it will help you to plan your business.

Map your Current Process


List the critical business processes used to produce your products and services. 

Observe Processes in Action


Review the documented business processes to ensure the details accurately reflect the way that business works.

Identify Potential Changes


Determine how the changes may impact current procedures. 

Design a New Process


Redesigning business processes involves ensuring that all processes for company functions align to current strategic goals. 

Evaluate your Implementation


The previous process review steps create a new process. Now, you need to measure operational activities, such as customer satisfaction, product defects or costs, to determine if improvements generated by your review have had an impact. 

While the handbook may seem like a concept from a 1980s office based film and seem outdated for today’s modern business environment, this is just not the case. Handbooks are necessary regardless of the size of the business. The handbook makes employee expectations clear. Handbooks also have information about benefits, and what to do in various situations.


The Bottom Line


When creating an HR department for a business, don’t let the challenges overwhelm you. With the information here, the process is simplified. A key factor for success is to stay organized. When you stay organized, you can minimize costly mistakes. Today’s businesses are mostly digital, too. This means it is best to avoid the “pen and paper” method if possible. It is definitely possible for your HR department to run smoothly.

"We will create a training manuals for your virtual Learning"

Preparation of your financial statements is one of the last steps in the accounting cycle if your business has already been established, using information from the previous statements to develop the current financial statement. Additionally, based on your needs, we can provide a financial statement analysis and file quarterly and year-end statements.


Financial Statement Preparations

  • Prepare Income Statement The income statement calculates the net profit or loss, which are determined by sales revenue, expenses, and general ledger records.

  • Prepare Statement of Retained Earnings The statement of retained earnings reflects the distribution of profit between retained earnings and dividends.

  • Prepare Balance Sheet
    The balance sheet illustrates the company’s financial position – it’s a snapshot of the last day of the accounting cycle.

  • Prepare Cash Flow Statement 
    From a cash basis, the statement of cash flow is a compilation and comparison of information from the three main financial reports: income, retained earnings, and balance sheet.

There are three core areas of spend analysis – visibility, analysis and process. When you leverage these three areas, you will be able to identify what you are spending, with whom you are spending and the ROI on that spend.

If your goal is to bring more spend under management, conducting a spend analysis will help you get there. When you have fact-based data, it is easier to ensure compliance, improve decision making and expose areas of your business that may not have been targeted before reducing spend. Spend analysis helps you get the fact-based data you need to improve processes and deliver results.


We currently don't have a licensed CPA on the team, however we do Account Reviews and Accountant Compilations for your Management and Directors. We conduct sample analysis of your deposits, checks and new purchase assets; to report to your Management Team our opinion of any fraudulent activities were reviewed.

Insurance Needs

Every Organization will have  some type of insurance need such as General Liability, Workmens Comp, Life, Health, Auto and even Home insurance. We can help you with that.


Spending Analysis


Establish HR processes, preparing handbooks for staff & daily operations


Finanial Statements

Finanial Statements
Establish HR Process

Insurance Needs

Insurance Needs
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