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                    KEY EMPLOYEE


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                           Catalyst for streamlining operations, optimizing productivity, and stimulating growth.


High-Impact Executive with extensive experience in accounting and analyzing financial performance. Possesses effective communication skills with diverse audiences, coupled with a legacy of leading teams and companies through change and challenge to profitable growth.  Ability to manage time and multiple commitments/projects simultaneously. Leadership & Problem Solving Skills and the ability to Handle Confidential Information.


                                                                         NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS

My legacy of relationship building, coupled with organizational growth have resulted in marked successes and significant ROI.


Recognizing that outcomes speak volumes, I am pleased to share these notable achievements:

  • I developed financial reports and documentation required for submitting client solicitation/proposals for State of Georgia contracts.  These efforts resulted in over 10 consecutive contract awards totaling more than $4M.

  • As a prior Owner/CEO of a Public Accounting Firm, I Incorporated streamlined accounting procedures that reduced processing time by 90%, decreased client expenses by 60%, and increased productivity by 75%.

  • Additionally, I generated internal business plans, forecasts, and cost benefit analysis that stimulated organizational growth and increased revenue for all business clients.

  • I have created 8A certified businesses that have grown (in revenues) from $250,000 a year in sales to over $5 million in Government Contracts.


                                                                Signature Skills & Leadership Expertise:


Budgeting, Finance & Contract Management Expertise with Microsoft Office Suite

Expertise in data analytics and advanced modeling techniques     (EXCEL,WORD, ACCESS, etc)

Advance Knowledge of QuickBooks, SAP and AS400 Knowledge of GAAP

Community & Customer Relations Legal / Regulatory Compliance

Customer Focused, Strong Presentation Skills Nonprofit Operations

Turnarounds & Process Improvement Initiatives Administration Functionality

Business & Financial Writing Federal/State Wage and Hour Labor Laws

Leadership & Problem Solving Skills Creative & Innovative

Financial Analysis & Forecasting Industry & Competitive Analysis

Presentation Skills to Mgmt Employment & HR practices

Training in Non-profit & Govt Audits Typing skills:   65 WPM;     10-Key: 15209

Analyzing written/verbal and numerical data Collaborative, Team-Oriented

Excellent oral and written communication

Past Performance


GOVERNMENT:  Auditing Services – City of Madison, Florida (while employed with Lanigan & Associates). 2 years. Reviewed policies and operations of the county Sheriff Dept., made recommendations for any changes.

Professional Experience

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating and preparing internal and external financial statements

  • Coordinating activities of external auditors

  • Providing management with information vital to the decision-making process 

  • Participating in the budget process 

  • Hiring, training and retaining Accounting Staff.

  • Assisting the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable dept with their daily duties.

  • Managed the Accounting Staff (8 staff) and reported to Leadership of the monthly reports and Analysis

  • Supported management review of operations by performing cost-benefit analyses comparing diverse operating programs; reviewing financial requests and exploring alternative finance methods as necessary


                                                                                       Daily/Monthly Tasks:

* CAPEX reporting (Fixed Asset's)                                                            * Monthly reporting of  Sales Tax to 40 states

* Weekly Casual Labor (Temp Labor) Review & Reporting                      * Production Reporting - SCARS

* Monthly reporting of Sales Commission due to Salesmen                     * Monthly T & E reporting

* AP Approval                                                                                           * Prepare Monthly Accruals

* Month-end review of Financial Stmt & Balance Sheets                          * Prepared OBS Inventory analysis

* Processed Invoices for Customers and maintained the Monthly Aging Reports


Essential Functions


• Prepare and communicate weekly and monthly financial results to the plant and corporate management in                accordance with corporate format and time requirements.
• Ensure all monthly financial entries and accruals are completed in proper periods• Analyze potential excess and obsolete inventory items monthly
• Understand the costing structure methodology, perform cost analysis and new product costing for customer quotes as needed.

• Review all Bill of Material and routing changes for cost implications

Budgeting & Forecasting (Maintaining an Annual Budget of $60 million)
• Complete the annual plant operating budget which includes developing standard direct labor rates, overhead rates, reviewing and adjusting scrap rates and updating product standard costs
• Update plant forecast monthly & quarterly, or as needed
• Assist in creating the capital expenditure budget; as well as the annual savings budget



• Participate in required meetings with plant and corporate ops & finance to discuss all plant issues
• Provide education and mentoring to plant personnel regarding financial internal controls, systems and processes assuring the safeguard of the plant’s physical assets
• Serve as information champion for the site by developing/providing systemic tools to drive a performance culture and continuous improvement
• Mentor non-financial managers regarding the cost and recovery of expenses assuring they understand manufacturing key performance indicators and provide clear insight into drivers


Controls (Maintain an Annual Inventory valued at $15 million)

• Ensure financial controls and policies regarding cost of goods sold, inventory transactions, fixed assets, freight and other operations expenses are being followed
• Observe annual physical inventory counts and ensure accuracy of the physical inventory and reported results.  Investigate and explain book to physical adjustments
• Ensure adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
• Prepare supporting schedules for external audits. As well as coordinated internal audit procedures for each department; in order to meet the objectives of the External Audit groups.

Other Skills

Supervised/mentored the career development of up to 18 employees over the past 20 years. Under my leadership and instruction, 18 employees (including interns) have been able to learn how to reconcile bank statements and enter income and expenses into QuickBooks (on a weekly basis) in order to report the financial position of a Company. I have mentored high school and technical college students, through my own “career mentorship” program in which I conceptualized and implemented that introduced basic administrative and accounting functions. These students worked within my program for at least 3 days per week and we instructed on the procedures of GAAP and how to prepare financial statement for a business as well as how to run a successful business – within an industry. 


I managed and provided bookkeeping and payroll services to more than 200 clients across multiple industries generating over $25M in annual sales. On a monthly basis I enter daily transactions (of income and expenses) for these Clients into QuickBooks, Excel or Quicken in order to generate monthly financial statements. I am considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel (Pivot tables, Macros, and VLookups), PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook in order to generate reports and analysis for company’s and their management team. Reconcile bank statements and review financial reports.  Complete month-end closing procedures which may include analysis of the general ledger and supporting schedules; prepare and analyze monthly accounting journal entries to properly record assets, liabilities, income and expenses to balance sheet and income statement accounts; Prepare balance sheet account reconciliations to ensure general ledger integrity; Once I prepared the sales report for the month, I filed the sales tax forms to the state to report the sales for the company and pay any tax due. Cash management duties to include the review of weekly cash logs; Assist with external financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, as well as preparation and filing of payroll and payroll reports. On a weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly basis I calculated time sheets and process payroll checks; then on a quarterly basis I have processed federal, state and unemployment forms to the Internal Revenue Service and Dept of Revenue. With my hands on (financial planning) with these businesses I have been able to guide these businesses in their individual growth. 


Prepared tax forms for Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profit Organizations, Estates & Trusts as well as Individuals, during the tax season. Respond to Internal Revenue Service and other tax authority inquiries as needed. 


Incorporated streamlined accounting procedures that reduced processing time by 90%, by reviewing the daily transactions and creating procedures for employees (staff) to follow to reduce their input time. Managed to decreased client expenses by 60%, by removing unnecessary expenses from the cash flow and calling vendors to reduce costs, loan payments, to help increase daily cash flow. These tactics helped the Client to increase productivity by 75%. Ensure accurate, timely, and GAAP compliance entries with all work.


Completion of 501©(3) applications, through the Internal Revenue Service, to create a non-profit organization to help build the community and the environmental well-being. Researched and authored 10 grants—averaging $75K recurring in annual awards—with a 75% success rate. Financial proceeds benefited operations in 6 non-profit community service agencies. Prepared financial statements of income and expenses of these non-profits; creating Balance Sheets illustrating capital, assets and liabilities of the organization.

I managed and prepared the Annual Compilation Review and Budget (for future forecasting).  On an annual basis, prepared compilation reviews on the financial statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets of non-profit organizations to make an opinion to present to Management of whether the expenses and income have been used for the exempt purpose of the organizations. Meticulously reviewed contracts and conducted annual audits to confirm compliance to directives and guidance.  Reported organizational financial posture and integrity to state agencies.


Generated business plans, forecasts, and cost benefit analysis that stimulated organizational growth and increased revenue for all business clients. Preparation of business plans for Companies to illustrate their future sales, expenses, cash flow to present to investors, management and local banks.


I established, organized, and conducted bi-monthly community workshops that provided financial education and promoted debt-free lifestyles to over 200 “at risk” citizens. Utilized services to leverage community partnerships and positively impact quality of life. Throughout the year I moderated and taught business/financial workshops at local libraries and community meeting centers to teach people about “Getting out of Debt”, “Financing Tools – Personal and Business” and “Time Management Skills.”


Expertly developed financial reports and documentation required for submitting client solicitation/proposals for State of GA contracts.   Resulted in 10 consecutive contract awards valued at >$1M. I also prepared grant applications for Clients to submit to local Foundations, State Agencies and Federal grant agencies to request funding for their programs.


Created and wrote organizational policies, disciplines, and protocols for 25 client businesses including medical, retail, and contracting services.  I have written policies and procedures for Companies (including the handbooks for the employees and Customers). I have written bylaws, operation agreements and articles for Corporations (for profit or non-profit). Ensured accreditation in accordance with specific industry requirements. 

Overseeing annual $4.3M budget, on a monthly basis I had to prepare the financial statements of the Company and show the actual transactions compared to the budgeted line items to report to management if the company was functioning according to the budget (or excess of the budget).  I presented management the financial position of the manufacturing company through effective oratorical skills and presenting financial s.


Managing a $3M inventory, I prepared the cycle count forms for the staff to take a cycle count (weekly) on the inventory in the warehouse as well as on the manufacturing floor.  I conducted the regular inventory counts of the items in stock and prepared the Fixed Asset report to present to the management (monthly) to show any new assets and any disposed assets due to non-usage. Reduced inventory by 50%, produced additional $500K revenue, and improved operational efficiency by 50% within 6 months. Recovered $1M worth of defective parts and eliminated backlog of unused parts. Processed MRP system reports to analyze the inventory needs for production.


Generated and managed monthly financial reports from the daily transactions (of income and expenses) entered into Soloman (and Manfact software). I reconciled and managed monthly bank statements.  Complete month-end closing procedures which may include analysis of the general ledger and supporting schedules. Meticulously prepared and analyzed monthly accounting journal entries to properly record assets, liabilities, income and expenses to balance sheet and income statement accounts; Prepared balance sheet accounts. Analyzed written/verbal information and numerical data in order to prepare financial forecast and/or budgets for Management. Prepared quotes for future customer business. Maintained Cash accounts and bill of materials reports


I directly supervised the workload and daily assignments of 10 employees in the accounting dept and the Materials Control Dept. I supervised the work load of these employees to ensure that the needed supplies and inventory needed to run production were available. I ensured that employees received the proper training needed and required to be successful in the performance of their duties. 

   * Prepared income tax returns at year-end, for individual clients, and corporations. Setup and maintain tax paperwork files.


   * Processed payroll and all quarterly forms for Clients, once I had reviewed the time sheets and the payroll distribution reports.


   * Prepared monthly/quarterly financial statements for Clients once all of the daily transactions had been entered into SAP or Excel (conversion software) I would print the Income Statement and/or Balance Sheet for the Partners of the Firm to review before they were sent to the Client (business owner).


   * Traveled with the Audit team – to review and analyze data of the government agencies in order to provide a report to management.  On the audit team we documented the findings of the revenue, expenditures and capital accounts of the non-profit agencies. Processed legislative review papers to endure funding availability and proper accounting department protocol had been followed.



 MBA (Minor—Healthcare MGMT); American Intercontinental University; Atlanta, GA; 2016; 3.85 GPA. 


 BS, Business Administration (Minor—Finance); University of Central Florida; Orlando, FL; 1994.


 AS, Accounting (Minor—Computer Info. Systems); Southwest Georgia Technical College; Thomasville, GA  1996


**Completed 30 Continuing Educational Units (bi-annual) in:

Long-Term Care  ---- Life & Health Insurance Ethics and Policies  --- Medicare  --- 

Medicaid Training --- Fixed Annuities


Professional Training

Legal / Regulatory (GAAP) Compliance (24 hours, yr 1996, 2013)

Federal/State Wage and Hour Labor Laws (32 hours, yr 2013)

Employment & HR practices (16 hours, 2014)

Money Services Businesses (MSB) Regulations & Call Reports (32 hrs,  2014 -2016)

Business & Financial Writing (16 hrs, yr 2011)

Quickbooks Software Training (32 hours, 2003)

Quicken Software Training (16 hours, 1995) 

SAP Software Training (16 hours, 1997, 2018-2020) 

AS400 System Training ( year 2018-2020)

Oracle Software Training (16 hours, 1997) 

ManFact Software Training (32 hours, 2005) 

Peachtree Software Training(24 hours, 1995)

Soloman Software Training (16 hours, 2005), Foreman Software Training (16 hours, 2006)

Long-Term Care , Life & Health Insurance Ethics and Policies (24 hours, March 2016 - biannual)

Long-Term Care , Life & Health Insurance Ethics and Policies (24 hours, March 2014 - biannual)

Medicare & Medicaid Policies (8 hrs, yr 2016)

Affordable Health Care Act Training (4 hours, Nov 20, 2015)

Time Management & Conflict Management Skills Training (32 hours, 2004)

Supervisory Training (16 hours, 2006)

Auditing and Reporting Training (16 hours, 1997)

Customer Service Training (16 hours, 2000)


Professional License/Certificates

State of Georgia (Life) Insurance License; ( 32 hours) Expires March 2022.


Women Owned Business Enterprise Nov 2020

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Applied for Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Dec 2020


Preparing, Enrolled Agent exam completion March 2021

Candidate, C.F.P. Certified Financial Planner, Expected exam completion July 2021


ACA & Tax Law Updates, Field of Study: Taxation, (6 hours) Nov 20, 2015.


Professional Ratings, Awards, & Recognitions

Typing skills:   65 WPM;     10-Key strokes: 15209


Community Service Award (June 2003)

Outstanding Volunteer Service (July 2004)

National Honor Society Inductee (June 2016)

Letter of Appreciation (April 2014)

Letter of Appreciation (Feb 2006)

Letter of Appreciation (June 2016)

Outstanding Performance Award (Oct 1996)

Outstanding Performance Award (Mar 2006

Outstanding Performance Award (Aug 2015)


Professional Affiliations

Delta Mu Delta, International Honor Society, member 2016 –present

Delta Sigma Pi, Theta Sigma chapter, Business Fraternity, member

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

NAACP; 1995—present 

Board Member; Thomasville Community Resource Center; 1996—2014 

Order of Eastern Stars, Rebecca Chapter Member; 1992—present 

Clifford Temple CME Church, Steward; 2004—2015


Professional Volunteer Activities

Hands On Thomasville, Community Cleanup (48 hrs, 2011-2014)

Christian Methodist Episcopal Conference Statistician (72hrs, yr 2012-2014)

Entrepreneurial Youth Program ( 24 hours, 2014)

Tutor – Math & Science (150 hours, Summer 1989;  250 hours, School Year 1994-2000)


US Military Service Information

   No Prior Service

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